60-2127. Motorcycle safety instructors; certificate; requirements; renewal; person certified by another state; how treated.

(1) The director may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations establishing minimum standards, skills' qualifications, and education requirements for motorcycle safety instructors. The director shall issue or renew a certificate in the manner and form prescribed by the director to motorcycle safety instructor applicants who meet such requirements. A motorcycle safety instructor certificate shall expire two years after the date of issuance. To renew a certificate, a person shall submit an application demonstrating compliance with rules and regulations of the department.

(2) If the certification requirements are comparable to the requirements in this state, a person currently certified as a motorcycle safety instructor by another state or recognized accrediting organization may be issued a motorcycle safety instructor's certificate by the department without having to take the course established in section 60-2128.

(3) A person who holds a valid, unexpired permit issued by the department to be a motorcycle safety instructor before January 1, 2012, shall be recognized as a certified motorcycle safety instructor until January 1, 2014, or until the expiration date of such permit, whichever is earlier. At that time the permit holder may apply for and become a certified motorcycle safety instructor to teach a motorcycle safety class in this state as provided in rules and regulations of the department.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 22, § 4; R.S.1943, (1984), § 60-2112; Laws 1986, LB 1004, § 9; Laws 2011, LB170, § 8.