60-1803. Permit; application; contents; fee.

Every owner of a camper unit shall make application for a permit to the county treasurer of the county in which such owner resides or is domiciled or conducts a bona fide business, or if such owner is not a resident of this state, such application shall be made to the county treasurer of the county in which such owner actually lives or conducts a bona fide business, except as otherwise expressly provided. Any person, firm, association, or corporation who is neither a resident of this state nor domiciled in this state, but who desires to obtain a permit for a camper unit owned by such person, firm, association, or corporation, may register the same in any county of this state. The application shall contain a statement of the name, post office address, and place of residence of the applicant, a description of the camper unit, including the name of the maker, the number, if any, affixed or assigned thereto by the manufacturer, the weight, width, and length of the vehicle, the year, the model, and the trade name or other designation given thereto by the manufacturer, if any. Camper unit permits required by sections 60-1801 to 60-1808 shall be issued by the county treasurer in the same manner as registration certificates as provided in the Motor Vehicle Registration Act except as otherwise provided in sections 60-1801 to 60-1808. Every applicant for a permit, at the time of making such application, shall exhibit to the county treasurer evidence of ownership of such camper unit. Contemporaneously with such application, the applicant shall pay a permit fee in the amount of two dollars which shall be distributed in the same manner as all other motor vehicle license fees. Upon proper application being made and the payment of the permit fee, the applicant shall be issued a permit.

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