60-152. Certificate of title; issuance; delivery of copies; seal; county treasurer; duties.

(1) The county treasurer shall issue a certificate of title for a vehicle in duplicate and retain one copy in his or her office. An electronic copy, in a form prescribed by the department, shall be transmitted on the day of issuance to the department. The county treasurer shall sign and affix the appropriate seal to the original certificate of title and, if there are no liens on the vehicle, deliver the certificate to the applicant. If there are one or more liens on the vehicle, the certificate of title shall be handled as provided in section 60-164 or 60-165.

(2) The county treasurers of the various counties shall adopt a circular seal with the words County Treasurer of ........... (insert name) County thereon. Such seal shall be used by the county treasurer or the deputy or legal authorized agent of such officer, without charge to the applicant, on any certificate of title, application for certificate of title, duplicate copy, assignment or reassignment, power of attorney, statement, or affidavit pertaining to the issuance of a Nebraska certificate of title.

(3) The department shall prescribe a uniform method of numbering certificates of title.

(4) The county treasurer shall (a) file all certificates of title according to rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the department, (b) maintain in the office indices for such certificates of title, (c) be authorized to destroy all previous records five years after a subsequent transfer has been made on a vehicle, and (d) be authorized to destroy all certificates of title and all supporting records and documents which have been on file for a period of five years or more from the date of filing the certificate or a notation of lien, whichever occurs later.

Source:Laws 2005, LB 276, § 52; Laws 2007, LB286, § 12; Laws 2009, LB202, § 14; Laws 2012, LB801, § 35.