60-1436. Manufacturer or distributor; prohibited acts with respect to new motor vehicle dealers.

A manufacturer or distributor shall not require or coerce any new motor vehicle dealer in this state to do any of the following:

(1) Order or accept delivery of any new motor vehicle, part or accessory, equipment, or other commodity not required by law which was not voluntarily ordered by the new motor vehicle dealer or retain any part or accessory that the dealer has not sold within twelve months if the part or accessory was not obtained through a specific order initiated by the dealer but was specified for, sold to, and shipped to the dealer pursuant to an automatic ordering system, if the part or accessory is in the condition required for return, and if the part or accessory is returned within thirty days after such twelve-month period. For purposes of this subdivision, automatic ordering system means a computerized system required by the franchisor, manufacturer, or distributor that automatically specifies parts and accessories for sale and shipment to the dealer without specific order thereof initiated by the dealer. The manufacturer, factory branch, distributor, or distributor branch shall not charge a restocking or handling fee for any part or accessory returned under this subdivision. In determining whether parts or accessories in the dealer's inventory were specified and sold under an automated ordering system, the parts and accessories in the dealer's inventory are presumed to be the most recent parts and accessories that were sold to the dealer. This section shall not be construed to prevent the manufacturer or distributor from requiring that new motor vehicle dealers carry a reasonable inventory of models offered for sale by the manufacturer or distributor;

(2) Offer or accept delivery of any new motor vehicle with special features, accessories, or equipment not included in the list price of the new motor vehicle as publicly advertised by the manufacturer or distributor;

(3) Participate monetarily in any advertising campaign or contest or purchase any promotional materials, display devices, or display decorations or materials at the expense of the new motor vehicle dealer;

(4) Join, contribute to, or affiliate with an advertising association;

(5) Enter into any agreement with the manufacturer or distributor or do any other act prejudicial to the new motor vehicle dealer by threatening to terminate a dealer agreement or any contractual agreement or understanding existing between the dealer and the manufacturer or distributor. Notice in good faith to any dealer of the dealer's violation of any terms or provisions of the dealer agreement shall not constitute a violation of the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act;

(6) Change the capital structure of the new motor vehicle dealership or the means by or through which the dealer finances the operation of the dealership, if the dealership at all times meets any reasonable capital standards determined by the manufacturer in accordance with uniformly applied criteria;

(7) Refrain from participation in the management of, investment in, or the acquisition of any other line of new motor vehicle or related products as long as the dealer maintains a reasonable line of credit for each make or line of vehicle, remains in compliance with reasonable facilities requirements, and makes no change in the principal management of the dealer;

(8) Prospectively assent to a release, assignment, novation, waiver, or estoppel which would relieve any person from liability imposed by the act or require any controversy between the new motor vehicle dealer and a manufacturer or distributor to be referred to a person other than the duly constituted courts of the state or the United States, if the referral would be binding upon the new motor vehicle dealer;

(9) Change the location of the new motor vehicle dealership or make any substantial alterations to the dealership premises, if such changes or alterations would be unreasonable, including unreasonably requiring a franchisee to establish, maintain, or continue exclusive sales facilities, sales display space, personnel, service, parts, or administrative facilities for a line-make, unless such exclusivity is reasonable and otherwise justified by reasonable business considerations. In making that determination, the franchisor shall take into consideration the franchisee's compliance with facility requirements as required by the franchise agreement. The franchisor shall have the burden of proving that business considerations justify exclusivity;

(10) Release, convey, or otherwise provide customer information if to do so is unlawful or if the customer objects in writing to doing so, unless the information is necessary for the manufacturer, factory branch, or distributor to meet its obligations to consumers or the new motor vehicle dealer including vehicle recalls or other requirements imposed by state or federal law;

(11) Release to any unaffiliated third party any customer information which has been provided by the new motor vehicle dealer to the manufacturer except as provided in subdivision (10) of this section. A manufacturer, importer, or distributor may not share, sell, or transfer customer information, obtained from a dealer and not otherwise publicly available, to other dealers franchised by the manufacturer while the originating dealer is still a franchised dealer of the manufacturer unless otherwise agreed to by the originating dealer. A manufacturer, importer, or distributor may not use any nonpublic personal information, as that term is used in 16 C.F.R. part 313, which is obtained from a dealer unless such use falls within one or more of the exceptions to opt out requirements under 16 C.F.R. 313.14 or 313.15;

(12) Establish in connection with the sale of a motor vehicle prices at which the dealer must sell products or services not manufactured or distributed by the manufacturer or distributor, whether by agreement, program, incentive provision, or otherwise;

(13) Underutilize the dealer's facilities by requiring or coercing a dealer to exclude or remove from the dealer's facilities operations for selling or servicing a line-make of motor vehicles for which the dealer has a franchise agreement to utilize the facilities, except that this subdivision does not prohibit a manufacturer from requiring an exclusive sales area within the facilities that are in compliance with reasonable requirements for the facilities if the dealer complies with subdivision (9) of this section; or

(14)(a) Enter into any agreement with a manufacturer, factory branch, distributor, distributor branch, or one of its affiliates which gives site control of the premises of the dealer that does not terminate upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

(i) The right of the franchisor to manufacture or distribute the line-make of vehicles covered by the dealer's franchise is sold, assigned, or otherwise transferred by the manufacturer, factory branch, distributor, or distributor branch to another; or

(ii) The final termination of the dealer's franchise for any reason unless an agreement for site control is voluntarily negotiated separately and apart from the franchise agreement and consideration has been offered by the manufacturer and accepted by the dealer. If a dealer voluntarily terminates and has entered into a separately negotiated site control agreement, the agreement may survive the termination if the agreement clearly states that fact.

(b) For purposes of this subdivision, site control means the contractual right to control in any way the commercial use and development of the premises upon which a dealer's business operations are located, including the right to approve of additional or different uses for the property beyond those of its franchise, the right to lease or sublease the dealer's property, or the right or option to purchase the dealer's property.

Any action prohibited for a manufacturer or distributor under the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act is also prohibited for a subsidiary which is wholly owned or controlled by contract by a manufacturer or distributor or in which a manufacturer or distributor has more than a ten percent ownership interest, including a financing division.

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