60-1420. Franchise; termination; noncontinuance; change community; hearing; when required.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) or (3) of this section, no franchisor shall terminate or refuse to continue any franchise or change a franchisee's community unless the franchisor has first established, in a hearing held pursuant to section 60-1425, that:

(a) The franchisor has good cause for termination, noncontinuance, or change;

(b) Upon termination or noncontinuance, another franchise in the same line-make will become effective in the same community, without diminution of the franchisee's service formerly provided, or that the community cannot be reasonably expected to support such a dealership; and

(c) Upon termination or noncontinuance, the franchisor is willing and able to comply with section 60-1430.02.

(2) Upon providing good and sufficient evidence to the board, a franchisor may terminate a franchise without such hearing (a) for a particular line-make if the franchisor discontinues that line-make, (b) if the franchisee's license as a motor vehicle, combination motor vehicle and trailer, motorcycle, or trailer dealer is revoked pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act, or (c) upon a mutual written agreement of the franchisor and franchisee.

(3) A franchisor may change a franchisee's community without a hearing if the franchisor notifies the franchisee of the proposed change at least thirty days before the change, provides the franchisee an opportunity to object, and enters into an agreement with the franchisee regarding the change of the franchisee's community. If no agreement is reached, the franchisor shall comply with sections 60-1420 to 60-1435 prior to changing the franchisee's community.

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