60-142.12. Former military vehicle; application for certificate of title; procedure.

The owner of a former military vehicle may apply for a certificate of title by presenting (1) a manufacturer’s certificate of origin, (2) a certificate of title from another state, (3) a court order issued by a court of record, (4) an assigned registration certificate, if the law of the state from which the vehicle was brought into this state does not require a certificate of title, (5) a United States Government Certificate to Obtain Title to a Vehicle, or (6) evidence of ownership as provided for in section 30-24,125, sections 52-601.01 to 52-605, sections 60-1901 to 60-1911, or sections 60-2401 to 60-2411, or documentation of compliance with section 76-1607.

Source:Laws 2019, LB156, § 4.