60-1417.02. Auction; registration of seller; exception.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (5) of this section, any person who engages in or attempts to engage in the selling of motor vehicles or trailers at an auction licensed pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act shall register to do so. Registration shall be made on a form provided by the auction dealer and approved by the board. A copy of the registration shall serve as proof of registration for the calendar year. The registration information shall be made available and accessible to the board by the auction dealer within seventy-two hours after the registrant has met the registration requirements and such registration is issued. Such registration information shall be maintained and made accessible to the board by the auction dealer for two years. It shall be the duty of the auction dealer to ensure that no seller participates in any sales activities until and unless registration has been received by the auction dealer or unless such seller is otherwise licensed under the act.

(2) The information required on the registration form shall include, but not be limited to, the following: (a) The legal name of the registrant; (b) the registrant's current mailing address and telephone number; (c) the business name and address of the person with whom the registrant is associated; and (d) whether or not the registrant is bonded.

(3) The registration form shall be signed by the registrant and an authorized representative of the auction and shall be notarized by a notary public.

(4) Any person who is convicted of any violation of the act pursuant to section 60-1411.02 may be denied the right to be registered at all licensed auctions of this state following a hearing before the board as prescribed in section 60-1413.

(5) A licensed motor vehicle dealer may conduct an auction of excess inventory of used vehicles without being licensed as an auction dealer or registered under this section if the auction conforms to the requirements of this subsection. The licensed motor vehicle dealer shall conduct the auction upon the licensed premises of the dealer, shall sell only used motor vehicles, trailers, or manufactured homes, shall sell only to motor vehicle dealers licensed in Nebraska, shall not sell any vehicles on consignment, and shall not sell any vehicles directly to the public.

Source:Laws 1984, LB 825, § 29; Laws 1999, LB 340, § 2; Laws 2010, LB816, § 71; Laws 2013, LB164, § 2.