60-1417.01. Auction dealer; records; requirements; sale on consignment; title; exception.

(1)(a) Each auction dealer shall establish and retain at the primary place of business a record of the following information for each motor vehicle or trailer coming into his or her possession as an auction dealer: (i) The name of the most recent owner, other than the auction dealer; (ii) the name of the buyer; (iii) the vehicle identification number; (iv) the odometer reading on the date on which the auction dealer took possession of the motor vehicle or trailer; and (v) a bill of sale or other transaction document signed by the seller or the seller's agent and the buyer or the buyer's agent.

(b) The dealer shall maintain the information in a manner that permits systematic retrieval for five years following the date of sale of each vehicle or trailer. The information may be maintained in a tangible medium or stored in an electronic or other medium that is retrievable in perceivable form.

(c) The auction dealer shall be responsible for insuring that the information required in subdivisions (1)(a)(i), (iii), and (iv) of this section is available to all prospective buyers at the time a vehicle or trailer is offered for sale at auction and shall give the bill of sale or other transaction document required in subdivision (1)(a)(v) of this section to the buyer purchasing the vehicle or trailer at auction.

(2) When any dealer, except an auction dealer selling at auction, sells any unit on consignment, he or she shall take title to such unit in his or her own name, except that any dealer or other person, other than the owner of a used mobile home, selling a used mobile home shall not be required to take title but shall complete a buyer's information form approved by the board. The seller of the used mobile home shall be responsible for insuring that a copy of the form is delivered to the buyer prior to closing the sale of the used mobile home. The form shall include the (a) name and address of the record owner of the mobile home, (b) model, (c) year, and (d) serial number.

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