60-1415.01. Restraining order.

Whenever the board shall believe from evidence satisfactory to it that any person has violated or is violating any provisions of the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act, the board may, in addition to any other remedy, bring an action in the name and on behalf of the State of Nebraska against such person and any other person concerned in or in any way participating in or about to participate in practices or acts in violation of the act to enjoin such person and such other person from continuing the same. In any such action, the board may apply for and on due showing be entitled to have issued the court's subpoena, requiring forthwith the appearance of any defendant and the defendant's agent and employees and the production of documents, books, and records as may appear necessary for the hearing of such petition to testify and give evidence concerning the acts or conduct of practices or things complained of in such application for injunction. In such action an order or judgment may be entered awarding such preliminary or final injunctions as may be proper.

Source:Laws 1971, LB 768, § 18; Laws 2010, LB816, § 70.