60-1411.02. Investigation; denial of application; revocation or suspension of license; probation; administrative fine; grounds.

The board may, upon its own motion, and shall, upon a sworn complaint in writing of any person, investigate the actions of any person acting, registered, or licensed under the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act as a motor vehicle dealer, trailer dealer, dealer's agent, manufacturer, factory branch, distributor, factory representative, distributor representative, supplemental motor vehicle dealer, wrecker or salvage dealer, finance company, motorcycle dealer, or motor vehicle auction dealer or operating without a registration or license when such registration or license is required. The board may deny any application for a license, may revoke or suspend a license, may place the licensee or registrant on probation, may assess an administrative fine in an amount not to exceed five thousand dollars per violation, or may take any combination of such actions if the violator, applicant, registrant, or licensee including any officer, stockholder, partner, or limited liability company member or any person having any financial interest in the violator, applicant, registrant, or licensee:

(1) Has had any license issued under the act revoked or suspended and, if the license has been suspended, has not complied with the terms of suspension;

(2) Has knowingly purchased, sold, or done business in stolen motor vehicles, motorcycles, or trailers or parts therefor;

(3) Has failed to provide and maintain an established place of business;

(4) Has been found guilty of any felony which has not been pardoned, has been found guilty of any misdemeanor concerning fraud or conversion, or has suffered any judgment in any civil action involving fraud, misrepresentation, or conversion. In the event felony charges are pending against an applicant, the board may refuse to issue a license to the applicant until there has been a final determination of the charges;

(5) Has made a false material statement in his or her application or any data attached to the application or to any investigator or employee of the board;

(6) Has willfully failed to perform any written agreement with any consumer or retail buyer;

(7) Has made a fraudulent sale, transaction, or repossession, or created a fraudulent security interest as defined in the Uniform Commercial Code, in a motor vehicle, trailer, or motorcycle;

(8) Has failed to notify the board of a change in the location of his or her established place or places of business;

(9) Has willfully failed to deliver to a purchaser a proper certificate of ownership for a motor vehicle, trailer, or motorcycle sold by the licensee or to refund the full purchase price if the purchaser cannot legally obtain proper certification of ownership within thirty days;

(10) Has forged the signature of the registered or legal owner on a certificate of title;

(11) Has failed to comply with the act and any orders, rules, or regulations of the board adopted and promulgated under the act;

(12) Has failed to comply with the advertising and selling standards established in section 60-1411.03;

(13) Has failed to comply with any provisions of the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Act, the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act, the Motor Vehicle Registration Act, or the rules or regulations adopted and promulgated by the board pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act;

(14) Has failed to comply with any provision of Chapter 71, article 46, or with any code, standard, rule, or regulation adopted or made under the authority of or pursuant to Chapter 71, article 46;

(15) Has willfully defrauded any retail buyer or other person in the conduct of the licensee's business;

(16) Has failed to comply with sections 60-190 to 60-196;

(17) Has engaged in any unfair methods of competition or unfair or deceptive acts or practices prohibited under the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act;

(18) Has conspired, as defined in section 28-202, with other persons to process certificates of title in violation of the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Act; or

(19) Has violated the Guaranteed Asset Protection Waiver Act.

If the violator, applicant, registrant, or licensee is a publicly held corporation, the board's authority shall extend only to the corporation and its managing officers and directors.

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