60-1404. Executive director; duties; meetings of board; attorney; other employees; salaries; office at capitol.

The board shall have the authority to employ an executive director who shall direct and administer the affairs of the board and who shall keep a record of all proceedings, transactions, communications, and official acts of the board. He or she shall be custodian of all records of the board and perform such other duties as the board may require. The executive director shall call a meeting of the board at the direction of the chairperson thereof or upon a written request of two or more members thereof. The executive director, with the approval of the board, is authorized to employ an attorney at a minimum salary of six hundred dollars per month together with such other employees, including staff for its attorney, as may be necessary to properly carry out the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act, to fix the salaries of such employees, and to make such other expenditures as are necessary to properly carry out the act. The office of the board shall be maintained in the State Capitol at Lincoln and all files, records, and property of the board shall at all times be and remain therein. The executive director shall be the board's representative in the administration of the act, and he or she shall insure that the policies and directives of the board are carried out.

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