60-1401.15. Established place of business, defined.

(1) Established place of business means a permanent location within this state, easily accessible to the public, owned or leased by the applicant or a licensee for at least the term of the license year, and conforming with applicable zoning laws, at which the licensee conducts the business for which he or she is licensed and may be contacted by the public during posted reasonable business hours which shall be not less than forty hours per week.

(2) The established place of business shall have the following facilities:

(a) Office space in a building or mobile home, which space shall be clean, dry, safe, and well lighted and in which shall be kept and maintained all books, records, and files necessary for the conduct of the licensed business, which premises, books, records, and files shall be available for inspection during regular business hours by any peace officer or investigator employed or designated by the board. Dealers shall, upon demand of the board's investigator, furnish copies of records so required when conducting any investigation of a complaint;

(b) A sound and well-maintained sign which is legible from a public road and displayed with letters not less than eight inches in height and one contiguous area to display ten or more motor vehicles, motorcycles, or trailers in a presentable manner;

(c) Adequate repair facilities and tools to properly and actually service warranties on motor vehicles, motorcycles, or trailers sold at such place of business and to make other repairs arising out of the conduct of the licensee's business or, in lieu of such repair facilities, the licensee may enter into a contract for the provision of such service and file a copy thereof annually with the board and shall furnish to each buyer a written statement as to where such service will be provided as required by section 60-1417. The service facility shall be located in the same county as the licensee unless the board specifically authorizes the facility to be located elsewhere. Such facility shall maintain regular business hours and shall have suitable repair equipment and facilities to service and inspect the type of vehicles sold by the licensee. Investigators of the board may certify ongoing compliance with the service and inspection facilities or repair facilities; and

(d) An operating telephone connected with a public telephone exchange and located on the premises of the established place of business with a telephone number listed by the public telephone exchange and available to the public during the required posted business hours.

(3) A mobile truck equipped with repair facilities to properly perform warranty functions and other repairs shall be deemed adequate repair facilities for trailers.

(4) The requirements of this section shall apply to the place of business authorized under a supplemental motor vehicle, motorcycle, or trailer dealer's license.

Source:Laws 2010, LB816, ยง 27.