60-140. Acquisition of vehicle; proof of ownership; effect.

(1) Except as provided in section 60-164, no person acquiring a vehicle from the owner thereof, whether such owner is a manufacturer, importer, dealer, or entity or person, shall acquire any right, title, claim, or interest in or to such vehicle until the acquiring person has had delivered to him or her physical possession of such vehicle and (a) a certificate of title or a duly executed manufacturer's or importer's certificate with such assignments as are necessary to show title in the purchaser, (b) a written instrument as required by section 60-1417, (c) an affidavit and notarized bill of sale as provided in section 60-142.01, or (d) a bill of sale for a parts vehicle as required by section 60-142.

(2) No waiver or estoppel shall operate in favor of such person against a person having physical possession of such vehicle and such documentation. No court shall recognize the right, title, claim, or interest of any person in or to a vehicle, for which a certificate of title has been issued in Nebraska, sold, disposed of, mortgaged, or encumbered, unless there is compliance with this section. Beginning on the implementation date of the electronic title and lien system designated by the director pursuant to section 60-164, an electronic certificate of title record shall be evidence of an owner's right, title, claim, or interest in a vehicle.

Source:Laws 2005, LB 276, § 40; Laws 2006, LB 663, § 4; Laws 2009, LB202, § 11; Laws 2011, LB241, § 3.