59-503. Purchases; discrimination; when unlawful.

Any person, firm, company, association or corporation, foreign or domestic, doing business in the State of Nebraska, engaged in the business of collecting or buying any product, commodity or property of any kind, that shall intentionally, for the purpose of injuring or destroying the business of a competitor in any locality, discriminate between the different sections, communities or cities of this state by buying any product, commodity or property of any kind, and paying therefor a higher rate or price in one section, community or city than is paid for the same kind of product, commodity or property by said party in another section, community or city, after making due allowance for the difference, if any, in the grade or quality and in the actual cost of the transportation from the point where the same is purchased to the market where it is sold, or intended to be sold, shall be deemed guilty of unfair discrimination, which is hereby prohibited and declared unlawful.

Source:Laws 1939, c. 77, § 1, p. 314; C.S.Supp.,1941, § 59-523; R.S.1943, § 59-503.