59-1403. License; tax; Department of Revenue; rules and regulations.

There is hereby levied and there shall be collected a tax for the act or privilege of selling, licensing, or otherwise disposing in this state of performing rights in any musical composition, which has been copyrighted under the laws of the United States, in an amount equal to three percent of the gross receipts of all such sales, licenses, or other dispositions of performing rights in this state, payable to the Department of Revenue annually on or before March 15 of each year with respect to the gross receipts of the preceding calendar year. The department shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations not in conflict with this section, as well as a form of return and any other forms necessary to carry out this section.

Source:Laws 1945, c. 139, § 3, p. 440; Laws 1947, c. 253, § 1, p. 831; Laws 2018, LB1120, § 32.