57-905. Commission; powers and duties.

(1) The commission shall have jurisdiction and authority over all persons and property, public and private, necessary to enforce effectively the provisions of sections 57-901 to 57-921.

(2) The commission shall have authority, and it is its duty, to make such investigations as it deems proper to determine whether waste exists or is imminent or whether other facts exist which justify action by the commission.

(3) The commission shall have authority to require: (a) Identification of ownership of oil or gas wells, producing leases, tanks, plants, structures, and facilities for the production of oil and gas; (b) the making and filing of directional surveys, and reports on well location, drilling, and production within six months after the completion or abandonment of the well; (c) the drilling, casing, operating, and plugging of wells in such manner as to prevent the escape of oil or gas out of one stratum into another, the intrusion of water into oil or gas strata, the pollution of fresh water supplies by oil, gas, or salt water, and to prevent blowouts, cave-ins, seepages, and fires; (d) the furnishing of a reasonable bond with good and sufficient surety, conditioned for the performance of the duty to comply with all the provisions of the laws of the State of Nebraska and the rules, regulations, and orders of the commission; (e) that the production from wells be separated into gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons, and that each be accurately measured; (f) the operation of wells with efficient gas-oil and water-oil ratios, and to fix these ratios; (g) metering or other measuring of oil, gas, or product in pipelines or gathering systems; (h) that every person who produces or purchases oil or gas in this state shall keep and maintain or cause to be kept and maintained for a five-year period complete and accurate records of the quantities thereof, which records shall be available for examination by the commission or its agents at all reasonable times, and that every such person file with the commission such reports as it may reasonably prescribe with respect to such oil or gas or the products thereof; (i) that upon written request of any person, geologic information, well logs, drilling samples, and other proprietary information filed with the commission in compliance with sections 57-901 to 57-921, or any rule, regulation, or order of the commission, may be held confidential for a period of not more than twelve months; (j) periodic sampling and reporting of injection fluids injected into Class II commercial underground injection wells; (k) monitoring of produced water transporters; and (l) periodic evaluation of financial assurance requirements on existing and proposed wells to ensure ability to pay the costs of plugging, abandonment, and surface restoration.

(4) The commission is authorized to conduct public informational meetings and forums for public interaction on Class II commercial underground injection well permit applications under the jurisdiction of the commission.

(5) The commission shall have authority in order to prevent waste, to regulate: (a) The drilling, producing and plugging of wells, or test holes, and all other operations for the production of oil or gas; (b) the shooting and chemical treatment of wells; (c) the spacing of wells; (d) operations to increase ultimate recovery such as, but without limitation, the cycling of gas, the maintenance of pressure, and the introduction of gas, water, or other substances into producing formations; and (e) disposal of oilfield wastes, including salt water.

(6) The commission shall not have authority to limit the production of oil or gas, or both, from any pool or field except to prevent waste therein.

(7) The commission shall have authority to classify wells as oil or gas wells for purposes material to the interpretation or enforcement of the provisions of sections 57-901 to 57-921.

(8) The commission shall have authority to promulgate and to enforce rules, regulations, and orders to effectuate the purposes and the intent of sections 57-901 to 57-921.

(9) The commission, with the approval of the Governor, shall have authority to establish and maintain its principal office and its books, papers, and records at such place in the state as it shall determine. The commission shall not have authority to purchase its principal office quarters.

(10) The commission shall have authority to require that all wells drilled for oil and gas shall be adequately logged with mechanical-electrical logging devices, and to require the filing of logs.

(11) The commission shall have the authority to regulate the drilling and plugging of seismic and stratigraphic tests in oil and gas exploration holes.

(12) The commission shall have the authority to act as the state jurisdictional agency pursuant to the federal Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978, Public Law 95-621, 92 Stat. 3350.

(13) The commission shall have the authority to have one or more examiners, who are employees of the commission, conduct any of its hearings, investigations, and examinations authorized by sections 57-901 to 57-921. Such examiner may exercise the commission's powers including, but not limited to, the taking of evidence and testimony under oath, resolving questions of fact and questions of law, and the entering of an order. Such order shall be entered in the commission's order journal. Any person having an interest in property affected by an order issued by an examiner and who is dissatisfied with such order may appeal to the commission by filing a petition on appeal to the commission within fifteen days of the entering of the examiner's order. Such person shall provide notice to all interested persons by personal service or registered or certified United States mail with return receipt, requiring such parties to answer within fifteen days from the date of service. Upon appeal, the commission shall hear the case de novo on the record and shall not be bound by any conclusions of the examiner. The commission shall hold a hearing on the appeal within forty-five days of the filing of an appeal to the commission and issue its order within fifteen days after the hearing. The commission shall review all orders issued by an examiner that are not appealed and issue an order concerning the examiner's order within sixty days after the examiner's order. The commission shall adopt, amend, or reject the examiner's order. Any order of an examiner which is not appealed to the commission and which the commission adopts shall not be appealable to the district court unless the commission adopts an order before the end of the time for appeal to the commission.

(14) The commission shall require, upon receipt of a Class II commercial underground injection well permit application, that notice be provided to the county, city, or village and natural resources district within which the proposed well would be located and shall provide such county, city, or village and natural resources district with copies of all permit application materials.

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