57-801. Terms, defined.

As used in sections 57-801 to 57-820, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Person shall mean an individual, corporation, firm, partnership, limited liability company, or association;

(2) Owner shall mean a person or persons holding any interest, legal or equitable, in a leasehold interest held for oil or gas purposes or any pipeline, or his or her agent, and shall include purchasers under executory contract, receivers, trustees, guardians, executors, and administrators;

(3) Contract shall mean a contract, written or oral, express or implied, or partly express and partly implied, or executory or executed, or partly executory and partly executed;

(4) Material shall mean material, water, machinery, equipment, appliances, buildings, structures, tools, bits, or supplies but does not include rigs or hoists or their integral component parts except wire lines;

(5) Labor shall mean work performed in return for wages;

(6) Services shall mean work performed exclusive of labor, including the hauling of material, whether or not involving the furnishing of materials;

(7) Furnish shall mean sell or rent;

(8) Drilling shall mean drilling, digging, torpedoing, acidizing, cementing, completing, or repairing;

(9) Operating shall mean all operations in connection with or necessary to the production of oil or gas;

(10) Construction or constructing shall mean construction, maintenance, fabrication, or repair;

(11) Pipeline shall mean any pipeline laid and designed as a means of transporting natural gas, oil, or gasoline, or their components or derivatives, and the right-of-way therefor; and

(12) Original contractor shall mean any person for whose benefit a lien is prescribed by section 57-802.

Source:Laws 1957, c. 241, § 1, p. 807; Laws 1993, LB 121, § 352.