57-506. Container; unlawful use; search warrant; violation; penalty.

Whenever any person makes an oath in writing before any judge of the county court that the party making the affidavit has reason to believe and does believe that a container which is marked with the name, initials, mark, or other device of the owner is in the possession of or being used by or being filled or refilled by a person whose name, initials, mark, or other device does not appear on the container and who is in the possession of, filling or refilling, or using the container without the consent of the owner, the judge may, when satisfied that there is reasonable cause, issue a search warrant and cause the premises designated to be searched for the purpose of discovering and obtaining the container. The judge may also cause the person who possesses the container to be brought before the judge and inquire into the circumstances of such possession. If the judge finds that such person is guilty of a violation of sections 57-501 to 57-507, the judge shall sentence as provided in section 57-507 and shall also award the possession of the container, including the contents, taken upon such search warrant, to the owner thereof.

Source:Laws 1951, c. 188, § 6, p. 697; Laws 1986, LB 734, § 1; Laws 2001, LB 137, § 6.