57-504. Container; filled by owner; purchase of cylinder; effect.

No person, except the owner thereof or persons authorized in writing by the owner so to do, shall fill or refill with liquefied petroleum gas, or any other gas or compound, a container or buy, sell, offer for sale, give, take, loan, deliver, or permit to be delivered, or otherwise use, dispose of, or traffic in a container if such container bears upon the surface thereof in plainly legible characters the name, initials, mark, or other device of the owner; nor shall any person, other than the owner of a container or a person authorized in writing by the owner, deface, erase, obliterate, cover up, or otherwise remove or conceal any such name, mark, initial, or device thereon. The person using any container may purchase the same at his or her option from the owner at a fair and reasonable market value, and after such purchase may purchase liquefied petroleum gas upon the open market.

Source:Laws 1951, c. 188, § 4, p. 696; Laws 2001, LB 137, § 4.