57-211. Lease; authority of executor, administrator, guardian, conservator, or trustee to execute; how obtained; petition; contents.

The petition for such lease shall show (1) the advantage that may accrue to the estate or trust being administered or guardianship or conservatorship proceedings being had from making such proposed lease or entering into such pooling or unitization contract; (2) a general description of the property to be leased; (3) the term, rental, and general conditions of the proposed lease or pooling or unitization contract; and (4) the names of the (a) legatees and devisees, if any, or the heirs of the deceased, (b) beneficiaries of the trust, (c) minor, (d) incompetent person, or (e) a person unfit by reason of infirmities of age or physical disability, so far as known to the petitioner.

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