55-443. Court of Military Review; powers.

(1) The State Judge Advocate shall refer to the Court of Military Review the complete record of every case of trial by general or special court-martial within thirty days after receiving the record. The referral of the record in summary courts-martial shall be according to the manual for courts-martial adopted pursuant to section 55-426.

(2) In a case referred to it, the Court of Military Review may act only with respect to the findings and sentence as approved by the convening authority. It may affirm only such findings of guilty, and the sentence or such part or amount of the sentence, as it finds correct in law and fact and determines, on the basis of the entire record, should be approved. In considering the record, it may weigh the evidence, judge the credibility of witnesses, and determine controverted questions of fact, recognizing that the trial court saw and heard the witnesses.

(3) If the Court of Military Review sets aside the findings and sentence, it may, except when the setting aside is based on lack of sufficient evidence in the record to support the findings, order a rehearing. If it sets aside the findings and sentence and does not order a rehearing, it shall order that the charges be dismissed.

(4) The State Judge Advocate shall, unless there is to be further action by the Governor, instruct the convening authority to take action in accordance with the decision of the Court of Military Review. If the Court of Military Review has ordered a rehearing but the convening authority finds a rehearing impracticable, he or she may dismiss the charges.

(5) The State Judge Advocate shall prescribe uniform rules of procedure for the Court of Military Review.

(6) No judge of a Court of Military Review shall be eligible to review the record of any trial if such judge (a) served as investigating officer in the case, (b) served as a member of the court-martial before which such trial was conducted, or (c) served as military judge, trial or defense counsel, or reviewing officer of such trial.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 458, § 43, p. 1571; Laws 1993, LB 170, § 8.