55-418. Court-martial; jurisdiction.

A court-martial as defined in the code shall have jurisdiction to try persons subject to the code for any offense defined and made punishable by the code and may, under such limitations and regulations as the Governor may prescribe, adjudge any of the following penalties:

(1) Confinement at hard labor for not more than six months;

(2) Hard labor without confinement for not more than three months;

(3) Forfeitures or detentions of pay not exceeding two-thirds pay per month for six months;

(4) Bad conduct discharge;

(5) Dishonorable discharge;

(6) Reprimand; or

(7) Reduction of noncommissioned officers to the ranks, and to combine any two or more of such punishments in the sentence imposed.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 458, § 18, p. 1562; Laws 2016, LB754, § 11.