55-132. Adjutant General; armories; rifle ranges; control; management; rental.

The Adjutant General shall be the director of state armories and of the National Guard rifle ranges. He shall provide grounds, armories, and other buildings, for the purpose of drill and for the safekeeping of all federal and state property of the United States or of this state, and lease, in the name of the State of Nebraska, suitable property and buildings therefor, and cause the same to be paid for from money appropriated for National Guard support, when in his judgment it is for the best interests of the state so to do. He shall provide for the management, care and maintenance of such grounds, armories, buildings and National Guard rifle ranges. He may adopt and prescribe such rules and regulations respecting the same as he in his sole discretion shall determine to be necessary or desirable. He may permit, by order, revocable at his pleasure, the use of armories for the regular meetings or functions of patriotic societies or recognized military service organizations or for other meetings of a public nature, at such times and under such circumstances as not to interfere with the use of such armories for military purposes by the units quartered therein, subject to such rules and regulations as he in his sole discretion may determine necessary or desirable. For such use of armories or facilities he may exact such rent as may be necessary to meet the expense of such meeting, clean and maintain the premises, or pay for extra help required.

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