54-855. Prohibited acts.

The following acts are prohibited:

(1) The manufacture or distribution of any commercial feed that is adulterated or misbranded;

(2) The adulteration or misbranding of any commercial feed;

(3) The distribution of agricultural commodities, such as whole seed, hay, straw, stover, silage, cobs, husks, and hulls, which are adulterated within the meaning of subdivision (1) of section 54-854;

(4) The removal or disposal of any commercial feed in violation of an order under section 54-860;

(5) The failure or refusal to comply with section 54-850;

(6) The violation of subsection (6) of section 54-861; and

(7) Failure to pay inspection fees and file reports as required by section 54-856.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 322, § 9; Laws 1992, LB 366, § 17.