54-1904. License; application; inspection; renewal; fee; suspension; when.

It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or maintain any establishment unless first licensed by the department. A license may be obtained by application to the director upon forms prescribed by him or her for that purpose. The license shall authorize and restrict the licensee to the operation or operations requested in his or her application and approved by the director.

Application for a livestock establishment or a poultry establishment license shall be accompanied by a fee of fifty dollars for each establishment. A license application for a rendering establishment or for a pet feed establishment shall be accompanied by a fee of three hundred dollars for each establishment. Such fee shall be deposited in the state treasury and deposited in the Livestock Auction Market Fund.

No license shall be issued until an inspection of the facilities described in the license application is completed showing the proposed facilities to be in conformity with the Nebraska Meat and Poultry Inspection Law and the rules and regulations adopted and promulgated thereunder by the director.

Licenses shall be renewable annually on or before their expiration. No license shall be transferable with respect to licensee or location. The renewal fee shall be the same as the application fee for each license.

Each license shall by order be summarily suspended whenever an inspection reveals that conditions in any establishment constitute a menace to the public health and shall remain suspended until such conditions are corrected, subject to review by the department and courts as is provided for in the Nebraska Meat and Poultry Inspection Law.

In addition, the director may, upon ten days' notice in writing, suspend or revoke any license issued hereunder or refuse to renew the same for violation of any of the provisions of the Nebraska Meat and Poultry Inspection Law or any rule or regulation duly adopted and promulgated by the director. The notice shall specify in writing the charges relied on, and the hearings, disposition, and court review shall be as prescribed by the Nebraska Meat and Poultry Inspection Law.

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