54-1158. Terms, defined.

As used in the Livestock Auction Market Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Accredited veterinarian has the same meaning as in section 54-2903;

(2) Department means the Department of Agriculture;

(3) Designated veterinarian means an accredited veterinarian who has been designated and authorized by the State Veterinarian to make inspections of livestock at livestock auction markets as may be required by law or regulation whether such livestock is moved in interstate or intrastate commerce;

(4) Director means the Director of Agriculture;

(5) Livestock means cattle, calves, swine, sheep, and goats;

(6) Livestock auction market means any place, establishment, or facility commonly known as a livestock auction market, sales ring, or the like, conducted or operated for compensation as an auction market for livestock, consisting of pens or other enclosures, and their appurtenances, in which livestock are received, held, sold, or kept for sale or shipment;

(7) Livestock auction market operator means any person engaged in the business of conducting or operating a livestock auction market, whether personally or through agents or employees;

(8) Market license means the license for a livestock auction market authorized to be issued under the act;

(9) Person means any individual, firm, association, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation; and

(10) State Veterinarian means the veterinarian appointed pursuant to section 81-202, or his or her designee, subordinate to the director.

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