54-1,128. Brand with brand recorded or registered in another state; application for out-of-state brand permit; contents; fee; violation; penalty.

(1) An owner may brand cattle with a brand recorded or registered in another state when:

(a) Cattle are purchased at a livestock auction market licensed under the Livestock Auction Market Act or congregated at another location approved by the Nebraska Brand Committee;

(b) The cattle will be imminently exported from Nebraska;

(c) The cattle are branded at the livestock auction market or other approved location; and

(d) An out-of-state brand permit has been obtained prior to branding the cattle.

(2) An application for an out-of-state brand permit shall be made to a brand inspector and shall include a description of the brand, a written application, and a fee not to exceed fifty dollars as determined by the Nebraska Brand Committee. A brand inspector shall evaluate and may approve an out-of-state brand permit within a reasonable period of time.

(3) Cattle branded under an out-of-state brand permit shall remain subject to all other brand inspection requirements under the Livestock Brand Act.

(4) A violation of this section is an infraction. A peace officer shall have the authority to write a citation, which shall be waivable, to offenders in violation of this section. A fine under this section shall not exceed two hundred dollars per head for each offense. Violations shall be charged in the county in which the offense occurred.

Source:Laws 2013, LB435, § 4; Laws 2021, LB572, § 32.
Effective Date: August 28, 2021

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