Nebraska Revised Statute 54-1,121

Chapter 54


Registered feedlot; cattle shipment; requirements.

Cattle sold or shipped from a registered feedlot, for purposes other than direct slaughter or sale on any terminal market, are subject to the brand inspection under sections 54-1,110 to 54-1,119, and the seller or shipper shall bear the cost of such inspection at the regular fee.

Any other cattle shipped from a registered feedlot are not subject to brand inspection at origin or destination, but the shipper must have a shipping certificate from the registered feedlot. The shipping certificate form shall be prescribed by the Nebraska Brand Committee and shall show the registered feedlot operator's name and registration number, date shipped, destination, agency receiving the cattle, number of head in the shipment, and sex of the cattle. The shipping certificate shall be completed in triplicate by the registered feedlot operator at the time of shipment. One copy thereof shall be delivered to the brand inspector at the market along with shipment, if applicable, one copy shall be sent to the brand committee by the tenth day of the following month, and one copy shall be retained by the registered feedlot operator. If a shipping certificate does not accompany a shipment of cattle from a registered feedlot to any destination where brand inspection is maintained by the brand committee, all such cattle shall be subject to a brand inspection and the inspection fees and surcharge provided under section 54-1,108 shall be charged for the service.