Nebraska Revised Statute 54-1,118

Chapter 54


Livestock; questions of ownership; procedure.

If any livestock inspected under the Livestock Brand Act or section 54-415 is unbranded or bears a brand or brands in addition to, or other than, the recorded brand or brands of the shipper or seller, then the shipper or seller may be required to establish his or her ownership of such livestock by exhibiting to the Nebraska Brand Committee a bill of sale to such livestock or by other satisfactory evidence of ownership. If ownership of the livestock is not established, the livestock may be sold, and the selling agent who sells such livestock shall hold the proceeds of the sale. If any shipper or seller who has offered such livestock for sale refuses to accept the bids offered, ownership must be established, or a cash bond posted with the selling agent in an amount equal to the approximate value of the livestock and payable to the brand committee, before such livestock may be removed from the premises. When ownership has been established the cash bond shall be returned to the person who or which posted it.

The shipper or seller of the livestock is required to establish ownership of such livestock within sixty days after its sale. If such shipper or seller establishes ownership of such livestock, the Nebraska Brand Committee shall order the selling agent of such livestock to pay the proceeds of sale to the shipper or seller. If such shipper or seller fails to establish ownership within the sixty days, such livestock shall be considered an estray and the Nebraska Brand Committee shall order the selling agent to pay the proceeds of sale over to the brand committee. All funds that the brand committee receives from the sale of any estray shall be placed in a separate custodial fund known as the estray fund. The brand committee shall determine the ownership of estrays that originate within the brand inspection area. Such funds shall be disposed of in the manner provided in section 54-415.


  • Shipper may be required to establish ownership. Coomes v. Drinkwalter, 181 Neb. 450, 149 N.W.2d 60 (1967).