54-1,100. Recorded brand; transfer; lien or security interest; notice; effect; fee; effect; lease of brand; fee.

(1) A recorded brand is the property of the person causing such record to be made and is subject to sale, assignment, transfer, devise, and descent as personal property. Any instrument of writing evidencing the sale, assignment, or transfer of a recorded brand shall be effective upon its recording with the Nebraska Brand Committee. No such instrument shall be accepted for recording if the brand committee has been duly notified of the existence of a lien or security interest against livestock owned or thereafter acquired by the owner of such brand by the holder of such lien or security interest. Written notification from the holder of such lien or security interest that the lien or security interest has been satisfied or consent from the holder of such lien or security interest shall be required in order for the brand committee to accept for recording an instrument selling, assigning, or transferring such recorded brand. Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, the fee for recording such an instrument shall be established by the brand committee and shall not be more than forty dollars. Such instrument shall give notice to all third persons of the matter recorded in the instrument and shall be acknowledged by a notary public or any other officer qualified under law to administer oaths.

(2) The owner of a recorded brand may lease the brand to another person upon compliance with this subsection and subject to the approval of the brand committee. The lessee shall pay a filing fee established by the brand committee not to exceed one hundred dollars. The leased recorded brand may expire as agreed in the lease, but in no event shall such leased recorded brand exceed the original expiration date.

Source:Laws 1999, LB 778, § 31; Laws 2002, LB 589, § 4; Laws 2009, LB142, § 1; Laws 2017, LB600, § 7.