53-130. Licenses; manufacturers, wholesalers, railroads, airlines, boats, pedal-pub vehicles, and nonbeverage users; conditions on issuance; fees; renewal.

(1) New licenses to manufacturers, wholesalers, railroads, airlines, boats, pedal-pub vehicles, and nonbeverage users of alcoholic liquor may be issued by the commission upon (a) written application in duplicate filed in the manner and on such forms as the commission prescribes and in which the applicant for a beer wholesale license sets forth the sales territory in Nebraska in which it is authorized by a manufacturer or manufacturers to sell their brand or brands and the name of such brand or brands, (b) receipt of bond, (c) payment in advance of the nonrefundable application fee of forty-five dollars and the license fee, and (d) such notice and hearing as the commission fixes by its own order.

(2) A notice of such application shall be served upon the manufacturer or manufacturers listed in any application for a beer wholesale license and upon any existing wholesaler licensed to sell the brand or brands in the described sales territory.

(3) A license so issued may be renewed without formal application upon payment of license fees and a renewal fee of forty-five dollars prior to or within thirty days after the expiration of the license. The payment of such fees shall be an affirmative representation and certification by the licensee that all answers contained in an application, if submitted, would be the same in all material respects as the answers contained in the last previous application. The commission may at any time require a licensee to submit an application.

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