53-129. Retail, bottle club, craft brewery, and microdistillery licenses; premises to which applicable.

Retail, bottle club, craft brewery, and microdistillery licenses issued under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act apply only to that part of the premises described in the application approved by the commission and in the license issued on the application. For retail, bottle club, and microdistillery licenses, only one location shall be described in each license. For craft brewery licenses, up to five separate physical locations may be described in each license. After such license has been granted for particular premises, the commission, with the approval of the local governing body and upon proper showing, may endorse upon the license permission to add to, delete from, or abandon the premises described in such license and, if applicable, to move from the premises to other premises approved by it, but in order to obtain such approval the retail, bottle club, craft brewery, or microdistillery licensee shall file with the local governing body a request in writing and a statement under oath which shows that the premises as added to or deleted from or to which such move is to be made comply in all respects with the requirements of the act. No such addition, deletion, or move shall be made by any such licensee until the license has been endorsed to that effect in writing by the local governing body and by the commission and the licensee furnishes proof of payment of the renewal fee prescribed in subsection (4) of section 53-131.

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