53-124.13. Catering licensee; special designated license; application; procedure; proceeds; violation; penalty.

(1) The holder of a catering license may deliver, sell, or dispense alcoholic liquor, including beer, for consumption at premises designated in a special designated license issued pursuant to section 53-124.11.

(2) The holder of the catering license shall file an application seeking a special designated license for the event. The application shall be filed at least twenty-one days prior to the event for which the special designated license is requested unless the local governing body has established an expedited process for such applications, in which case the application shall be filed at least twelve days prior to the event. In addition to the information required by subsection (3) of section 53-124.11, the applicant shall inform the commission of (a) the time of the event, (b) the name of the person or organization requesting the applicant's services, (c) the opening and closing dates of the event, and (d) any other information the commission or local governing body deems necessary. A holder of a catering license shall not cater an event unless such licensee receives a special designated license for the event, except that the holder of a catering license who also holds a promotional farmers market special designated license under section 53-124.16 may cater a farmers market as prescribed in section 53-124.17.

(3) If the organization for which the holder of a catering license is catering is a nonprofit organization exempted from the payment of federal income taxes, such organization may share with such licensee a part or all of the proceeds from the sale of any alcoholic liquor sold and dispensed pursuant to this section.

(4) For purposes of this section, local governing body means the governing body of the city or village in which the event will be held or, if the event will not be held within the corporate limits of a city or village, the governing body of the county in which such event will be held.

(5) Only the holder of a special designated license or employees of such licensee may dispense alcoholic liquor at the event which is being catered. Violation of any provision of this section or section 53-124.12 or any rules or regulations adopted and promulgated pursuant to such sections occurring during an event being catered by such licensee may be cause to revoke, cancel, or suspend the class of retail license issued under section 53-124 held by such licensee.

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