53-124.12. Annual catering license; issuance; procedure; fee; occupation tax.

(1) The holder of a license to sell alcoholic liquor at retail issued under subsection (6) of section 53-124, a craft brewery license, a microdistillery license, a farm winery license, or a manufacturer's license issued under subsection (2) of section 53-123.01 may obtain an annual catering license as prescribed in this section. The catering license shall be issued for the same period and may be renewed in the same manner as the retail license, craft brewery license, microdistillery license, farm winery license, or manufacturer's license.

(2) Any person desiring to obtain a catering license shall file with the commission:

(a) An application in triplicate original upon such forms as the commission prescribes; and

(b) A license fee of one hundred dollars payable to the commission, which fee shall be returned to the applicant if the application is denied.

(3) When an application for a catering license is filed, the commission shall notify the clerk of the city or incorporated village in which such applicant is located or, if the applicant is not located within a city or incorporated village, the county clerk of the county in which such applicant is located, of the receipt of the application. The commission shall include with such notice one copy of the application by mail or electronic delivery. The local governing body and the commission shall process the application in the same manner as provided in section 53-132.

(4) The local governing body with respect to catering licensees within its liquor license jurisdiction as provided in subsection (5) of this section may cancel a catering license for cause for the remainder of the period for which such catering license is issued. Any person whose catering license is canceled may appeal to the district court of the county in which the local governing body is located.

(5) For purposes of this section, local governing body means (a) the governing body of the city or village in which the catering licensee is located or (b) if such licensee is not located within a city or village, the governing body of the county in which such licensee is located.

(6) The local governing body may impose an occupation tax on the business of a catering licensee doing business within the liquor license jurisdiction of the local governing body as provided in subsection (5) of this section. Such tax may not exceed double the license fee to be paid under this section.

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