53-116.01. Retail licensees; bottle club licensees; inspection of premises; suspend, cancel, or revoke license; when; charter bus; inspection; when.

(1) The commission and local governing bodies shall cause frequent inspection to be made on the premises of all retail licensees and bottle club licensees, and if it is found that any such licensee is violating any provision of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act or the rules and regulations of the commission adopted and promulgated under the act or is failing to observe in good faith the purposes of the act, the license may be suspended, canceled, or revoked after the licensee is given an opportunity to be heard in his or her defense.

(2) The commission and local governing bodies may inspect a charter bus providing service under a certificate of public convenience and necessity granted by the Public Service Commission when the owner or operator of the charter allows the consumption of alcoholic liquor in the charter bus by an individual who is twenty-one years of age or older so long as the inspection is performed when the bus has stopped for the purpose of allowing passengers to embark or disembark.

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