53-1,111. Search warrants; search and seizure of property; sale; disposition of proceeds; arrests.

Upon the issuance of any search warrant pursuant to section 53-1,108, it shall be the duty of the officers executing the same to enter the house, building, premises, boat, vehicle, receptacle, or other place described, either in the daytime or nighttime, by force if necessary and to remove and confiscate any alcoholic liquor manufactured, possessed, or kept for sale contrary to the terms of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act and any machinery, equipment, or material used in connection therewith and to hold such property until all prosecution arising out of such search and seizure shall have ended and determined. It shall be the duty of the officers executing such search warrant to arrest any person or persons found using or in possession or control of such alcoholic liquor, articles, or things. All alcoholic liquor unlawfully manufactured, stored, kept, sold, or otherwise disposed of, and the containers thereof, and all equipment used or fit for use in the manufacture or production of the same which are found at or about any still or outfit for the unlawful manufacture of alcoholic liquor on unlicensed premises are hereby declared contraband, and no right of property shall be or exist in any person owning, furnishing, or possessing any such property, liquor, material, or equipment, but all such property, articles, and things, including alcoholic liquor, shall be sold upon an order of the court as provided in section 53-1,113, and the proceeds thereof shall be disposed of in the manner provided for the disposition of license money under the Constitution of Nebraska.

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