52-806. Sale; where; when; notice by publication; notice by posting; contents.

The sale of garments, clothing, wearing apparel or household goods, for failure to pay any of the charges provided for in sections 52-801 and 52-802, shall be held at the place where the work was done or the goods described therein were stored or, if such place is manifestly unsuitable for the purpose, at the nearest suitable place, after the time for the payment of the claim, specified in the notice to the debtor, has lapsed and an advertisement or notice of sale has been published or posted as hereinafter provided. Notice of such sale shall be given by publication two successive weeks in a legal newspaper, of general circulation in the community in which such sale is to be held, or by posting such notice in not less than three conspicuous places in such community. Such notice of sale shall state the name of the owner or owners or the person or persons on whose account the goods are held, the nature of the personal property to be sold and the time and place of sale. The sale shall be held not less than fifteen days after the first publication or posting of such notice.

Source:Laws 1943, c. 120, § 6, p. 418; R.S.1943, § 52-806.