52-1706. Assignee; collection of rents; lease terms ineffective; when.

If agreed in an assignment instrument or on default by the assignor whether agreed in the assignment instrument or not, the assignee shall be entitled to notify any rent party to make payment of rents due or to become due to the assignee whether or not the assignor was previously receiving or collecting rents. A rent party may pay rents to the assignor until the rent party receives notification that the rents due or to become due have been assigned and that payment is to be made to the assignee. If requested by the rent party, the assignee shall furnish reasonable proof that the assignment has been made, and unless the assignee furnishes the proof, the rent party may pay the assignor. A term in any lease between a rent party and an assignor is ineffective if it prohibits assignment of a lease or rents due or to become due pursuant to the lease, if it prohibits creation of a security interest in rents due or to become due, or if it requires the consent of the rent party to such assignment or a security interest in rents.

Source:Laws 1993, LB 14, ยง 6.