52-150. Notice of surety bond; recording; contents.

(1) If a prime contractor or owner has secured a surety bond a notice of surety bond may be recorded.

(2) The notice shall be signed by the contractor or owner and by the surety company and state:

(a) The real estate being improved with a description thereof sufficient for identification;

(b) The names and addresses of the owner and the prime contractor;

(c) The name and address of the surety company and the name and address of a person on whom service of process may be made;

(d) The total sum of the bond and that the bond meets the requirements of section 52-141; and

(e) That the bond is for the purpose of relieving the real estate from construction liens arising under the contract between the named prime contractor and contracting owner.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 512, ยง 26.