52-1315. Notice of lapse of effective financing statement; waiver of notice; effect.

(1) Whenever there is no outstanding secured obligation and no commitment to make advances, incur obligations, or otherwise give value, the secured party shall notify the debtor in writing of his or her right to have a notice of lapse of his or her effective financing statement filed which shall lead to the removal of his or her name from the files and lists compiled by the Secretary of State. In lieu of such notice, the secured party may acquire a waiver of the debtor of such right and a request by the debtor that his or her effective financing statement be retained on file. Such notice may be given or waiver acquired by the secured party at any time prior to the time specified in this subsection for giving the notice.

(2) If the secured party does not furnish the notice or obtain the waiver specified in subsection (1) of this section, the secured party shall, within ten days of final payment of all secured obligations, provide the debtor with a written notification of the debtor's right to have a notice of lapse filed. The secured party shall on written demand by the debtor send the debtor a notice of lapse to the effect that he or she no longer claims a security interest under the effective financing statement, which shall be identified by file number. The notice of lapse need only be signed, authorized, or otherwise authenticated by the secured party.

(3) If the affected secured party fails to send a notice of lapse within ten days after proper demand, pursuant to subsection (2) of this section, he or she shall be liable to the debtor for any loss caused to the debtor by such failure.

(4) On presentation to the Secretary of State of a notice of lapse, he or she shall treat it as a termination statement and note it in the index. If he or she has received the notice of lapse in duplicate, he or she shall return one copy of the notice of lapse to the filing party stamped to show the time of receipt thereof.

(5) There shall be no fee for filing a notice of lapse or termination statement.

Source:Laws 1986, Third Spec. Sess., LB 1, § 15; Laws 1988, LB 943, § 14; Laws 1998, LB 1321, § 93; Laws 2007, LB124, § 66.