52-131. Construction lien; existence; amount; priority; enforcement.

(1) A person who furnishes services or materials pursuant to a real estate improvement contract has a construction lien, only to the extent provided in the Nebraska Construction Lien Act, to secure the payment of his or her contract price.

(2) A lien arises under the act only if the claimant records a lien within the time specified by section 52-137.

(3) Real estate to which a construction lien attaches is specified by section 52-133, and limitations on the existence of a lien for materials are specified by section 52-134.

(4) The amount of a claimant's lien is specified by section 52-136. The content of the notice of the right to assert a lien to be given to the owner under section 52-136 is specified by section 52-135.

(5) The priority of a claimant's lien as against other construction-lien claimants is specified in section 52-138, and priority as against claimants other than construction-lien claimants is specified in section 52-139.

(6) Foreclosure of a lien under the act is governed by section 52-155, and the time within which an action to foreclose must be brought by section 52-140.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 512, § 7; Laws 2003, LB 655, § 5.