52-129. Protected party, residential real estate, defined.

(1) Protected party shall mean:

(a) An individual who contracts to give a real estate security interest in, or to buy or to have improved, residential real estate all or a part of which he or she occupies or intends to occupy as a residence;

(b) A person obligated primarily or secondarily on a contract to buy or have improved residential real estate or on an obligation secured by residential real estate if, at the time he or she becomes obligated, he or she is related to an individual who occupies or intends to occupy all or a part of the real estate as a residence; or

(c) With respect to a security agreement, a person who acquires residential real estate and assumes or takes subject to the obligation of a prior protected party under the real estate security agreement.

(2) Residential real estate shall mean, in relation to a protected party, real estate, improved or to be improved, containing not more than four dwelling units and no nonresidential uses for which the protected party is a lessor. A condominium unit that is otherwise residential real estate remains so even though the condominium development contains more than four dwelling units or units used for nonresidential purposes.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 512, ยง 5.