51-413. State agencies; publications; filing with Nebraska Publications Clearinghouse.

Every state agency head or his or her appointed records officer shall notify the Nebraska Publications Clearinghouse of his or her identity. The records officer shall upon release of a state publication deposit four copies and a short summary, including author, title, and subject, of each of its state publications with the Nebraska Publications Clearinghouse for record purposes. One of these copies shall be forwarded by the clearinghouse to the Nebraska State Historical Society for archival purposes and one to the Library of Congress. Additional copies, including sale items, shall also be deposited in the Nebraska Publications Clearinghouse in quantities certified to the agencies by the clearinghouse as required to meet the needs of the Nebraska publications depository system, with the exception that the University of Nebraska Press shall only be required to deposit four copies of its publications.

Source:Laws 1972, LB 1284, § 3; Laws 1979, LB 322, § 80; Laws 1989, LB 18, § 4.