50-1401. Legislative findings and declarations.

The Legislature finds and declares that:

(1) State government has significant challenges to face. An ever-changing global economy, an aging population, outmigration of educated young people, and constantly expanding needs for services, among other issues, require that the Legislature consider the long-term trends and factors affecting the welfare of Nebraskans and the long-term implications of the decisions made by the members of the Legislature;

(2) It is necessary for the Legislature to identify emerging trends, assets, and challenges of the state;

(3) It is vital for Nebraska to have continuity in policy;

(4) It is necessary to establish a process of long-term state planning within the Legislature; and

(5) It is the duty of the Legislature to assess the long-range needs of Nebraska and to adopt legislation which meets those needs.

Source:Laws 2009, LB653, ยง 1.