50-1204. Legislative Performance Audit Committee; established; membership; officers; Legislative Auditor; duties.

(1) The Legislative Performance Audit Committee is hereby established as a special legislative committee to exercise the authority and perform the duties provided for in the Legislative Performance Audit Act. The committee shall be composed of the Speaker of the Legislature, the chairperson of the Executive Board of the Legislative Council, the chairperson of the Appropriations Committee of the Legislature, and four other members of the Legislature to be chosen by the Executive Board of the Legislative Council. The executive board shall ensure that the Legislative Performance Audit Committee includes adequate geographic representation. The chairperson and vice-chairperson of the Legislative Performance Audit Committee shall be elected by majority vote. For purposes of tax incentive performance audits authorized in section 50-1209, the committee shall include as nonvoting members the chairperson of the Revenue Committee of the Legislature or his or her designee and one other member of the Revenue Committee, as selected by the Revenue Committee. The Legislative Performance Audit Committee shall be subject to all rules prescribed by the Legislature. The committee shall be reconstituted at the beginning of each Legislature and shall meet as needed.

(2) The Legislative Auditor shall ensure that performance audit work conducted by the office conforms with performance audit standards contained in the Government Auditing Standards (2018 Revision) as required in section 50-1205.01. The office shall be composed of the Legislative Auditor and other employees of the Legislature employed to conduct performance audits. The office shall be the custodian of all records generated by the committee or office except as provided by section 50-1213, subsection (11) of section 77-2711, or subdivision (10)(a) of section 77-27,119. The office shall inform the Legislative Fiscal Analyst of its activities and consult with him or her as needed. The office shall operate under the general direction of the committee.

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Effective Date: September 1, 2019