49-1497. Financial institution, defined; irrevocable trust; how treated.

(1) For purposes of section 49-1496, financial institution means:

(a) A bank or banking corporation as defined in section 8-101.03;

(b) A federal bank or branch bank;

(c) An insurance company providing a loan on an insurance policy;

(d) A small loan company;

(e) A state or federal savings and loan association or credit union; or

(f) The federal government or any political subdivision thereof.

(2) The res or the income of an irrevocable trust of a member of the individual's immediate family is not required to be reported pursuant to section 49-1496.

Source:Laws 1976, LB 987, § 97; Laws 2005, LB 242, § 38; Laws 2017, LB140, § 158.