Nebraska Revised Statute 49-14,114

Chapter 49


Commission; appointed members; prohibited acts; resignation required; when.

(1) No appointed individual, while a member of the commission, shall engage in any activity or hold any position or office which is regulated by the commission as follows: (a) Lobbying; (b) being a public official, a public employee, or a state elective official; (c) campaigning for the election or appointment of himself or herself to an elective public office; or (d) holding an office in any political party or political committee.

(2) An appointed individual shall withdraw from any activity and resign from any position or office regulated by the commission prior to beginning his or her term on the commission.

(3) Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit an appointed individual's right to vote in any election or to limit his or her right to make contributions.


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  • Laws 1990, LB 534, § 7.