48-173. Petition; filing; contents; medical finding required.

Procedure before the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court shall be as follows: In all cases involving a dispute with reference to workers' compensation, either party at interest, without cost, either in person or by attorney, may file with the compensation court a petition setting forth the names and places of residence of the parties and the facts relating to the employment at the time of the injury for which compensation is claimed, the injury in its extent and character, the amount of wages being received at the time of the injury, the knowledge of or notice to the employer of the occurrence of such injury, and such other facts as may be considered necessary for the information of the compensation court, and also stating the matter or matters in dispute and the contention of the petitioner with reference thereto.

No petition may be filed with the compensation court solely on the issue of reasonableness and necessity of medical treatment unless a medical finding on such issue has been rendered by an independent medical examiner pursuant to section 48-134.01.

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