47-407. Court; arrangements for employment of prisoner; concurrence with another county or city.

The court may arrange with the chief of police, sheriff, or such other person as may be charged with the administrative direction of the jail in a city or county other than the one in which the sentencing court is located for the employment of the prisoner in the other county, and for the prisoner while so employed to be in the custody of such sheriff or chief of police, but in all other respects to be and continue subject to the order of the sentencing court. If the prisoner was convicted in a court in another city or county, the court of record having jurisdiction may, at the request or with the concurrence of the sentencing court, make all determinations and orders under sections 47-401 to 47-411 as might otherwise be made by the sentencing court after the prisoner is received at the jail.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 208, § 7, p. 815; Laws 1984, LB 394, § 24.