46-555. Taxes; levy; lien; collection.

It shall be the duty of the officer or body having authority to levy taxes within each county, city and county, or village, to levy the taxes and special assessments as provided in sections 46-501 to 46-573 and it shall be the duty of all county, or city and county officials, charged with the duty of collecting taxes, to collect such taxes and special assessments in the time, form and manner and with like interest and penalties as county or city and county taxes are collected and when collected to pay the same to the district ordering its levy or collection. The payment of such collections shall be made through the secretary of the district and paid into the depository thereof to the credit of the district. All taxes and assessments made under sections 46-501 to 46-573 together with all interest thereon and penalties for default in payment thereof, and all costs in collecting the same, shall until paid constitute a perpetual lien on a parity with the tax lien of general, state, county, city, village or school taxes and no sale of such property to enforce any general, state, county, city, village or school tax or other liens, shall extinguish the perpetual lien of such taxes and assessments.

Source:Laws 1947, c. 173, ยง 21, p. 548.

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